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In my quest to stay healthy and fit (which I believe can be mutually exclusive), I find myself scouring the internet for all the tips I can find to better my daily thought process of being in tip-top shape. And trust me, there is a lot of information out there.
The one thing I can say is that the best thing to do is DO SOMETHING. You don’t need to buy into every method you read, because many of them are divergent in theory. I would suggest just make sure you’re having fun and make sure you’re keeping variation in your regimen. That applies to diet and exercise.

All right, but here are my recommendations:

Zen to Fitness
A dude’s daily blog about his workout habits. He also gives tips on how to build muscle and things like that.
The IF Life
This site is just revolutionary in a way. The information they drop on this site will probably shake up the way you look at working out. I know I have been kind of on tilt lately, for sure.
Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple
This guy is a guru. He definitely represents the way to live over 40. He advocates primal workouts that push the body to do what it was designed to do.
Theory To Practice

Another dude’s daily blog about his workout habits.

Happy Halloween! … if that’s your thing

What’s good, everyone.

I figured I’d supply my readers more good musics from the A-Side Worldwide camp. You should be already up on these, so rock out at your ‘puter!

ROFLcopter image provided by Stephanie – what up doe!

In the spirit of the “holiday,” I give you tracks from Buff1 (Athletic Mic League) and Now On featuring Buff1 and Tenacity (Abolitionists and Tenacity & S.A.).

From Buff1’s Pure album, let’s rock out to “House of Horrors.” If you don’t got this joint, then you’re… no, I won’t drop insults. Just click the link to cop it, then also get yourself an early Xmas gift and buy There’s Only One.

And this gem comes from Now On’s Don’t Call It A Mixtape project, the track is called “Party Like A Politician.” Don’t forget to get their new Tomorrow Already!

Criminology Remix by Controller7

Fellow Soulstrutter flipped the Raekwon classic… and then synched it up with the video.


Ah… I couldn’t just leave it at that.

Some of you may know Controller7’s work on Anticon. I’m not sure what dude is up to now, but he’s a fairly talented guy all the same.

Here is like one of my top 5 favorite mash-ups I’ve heard in all my time hearing DJ mash-ups:

“Get Ready for the Young Folks”

And here is another AVG (Audio-Visual Gem) by Controller 7, where he splices video footage of people rollerskating. It is synched up to one of his original instrumental tracks “Tired.”

Oh yeah, and he did this hilarious promo video for People Under The Stairs too:


Out Busy w/ Odd Jobs and Such

That’s right. I’ve got a busy week making sure bills are covered and rent gets paid, so I’ll be away from my computer virtually all week. My suggestion to you is please check out the other posts, especially the ones on SPThe Funtouchables and Blueprint. Oh, I also started like a political memoir of sorts. Please check that out and leave feedback.

I’ll definitely be upping the ante on music criticism, clean(er) and healthy(er) living and political madness when I get back. These days, I’m dreaming about blogs. It’s silly, but I do. Stay tuned.