What The Ach-Ee-Double-Hockeysticks Is Wrong With Fat Beats?

So I was on MySpace today and a musician that I am somehow friends with posted this video that he’s featured. The video is for none other than Black Milk for his first single, “Give The Drummer Sum.”

Now at first, I was wondering what was wrong with said musician. I figured he may not be technically savvy, so I clicked the link to check the video. I’m led the Music Videocast site, only to find that there is no way to embed it. WTF?! Why would Black not want folks to share his video?

In this day and age, you want as many people checking for you as possible. I have never been on Music Videocast until today and I wasn’t impressed. I actually got spammed before I could see the video! That’s not good. The shape of the video was awkwardly proportioned. I could tell that the video was supposed to be stunning visually. The Music Videocast generator is not doing it any justice. They need to get this video removed, like immediately.

I know Black is on Fat Beats, so I am imagining this is more their fault than anyone else’s. I have heard about issues the label has from folks that have worked with them in some form or fashion, whether it be on staff or as an artist on the label. The thing is, they’re one of the only games in town now. One would think they would be with the times though. Fat Beats, this is unacceptable. Y’all need to get it together. This should be Black’s breakout record. He’s given you plenty to use at this point.

Martin “DJ Graffiti” Smith – Hipsters Need Soul Too

DJ Graffiti is the homey from wa-aaaay back. As long as I’ve been involved in the Michigan hip hop scene, I’ve been cool with my man Martin. If you’re from Michigan and you don’t Graffiti, then you’re fronting. Honestly, he’s the hardest working DJ in Michigan and he rivals the big boys in the Midwest making noise. It comes as no surprise that he’s done mixtapes with guys like Mick Boogie. People all over the world know about Graffiti!

An excerpt from his bio will explain why he’s one of my heroes:

As CEO of Rapture Enterprises LLC and VP of Marketing for management company A-Side Worldwide, Martin Smith has his business bases covered. In the past, DJ Graffiti and Martin Smith have operated like separate entities, but today two become one. Today, the music industry and the business world will both be personally re-introduced to Martin “DJ Graffiti” Smith, the Marketing Mogul.

There’s no one else around my way that has that kind of resume, sorry.

Even beyond all that, my man can do wizard work on the decks, which leads me up to presenting his latest mixtape – Hipsters Need Soul Too.

With an exclusive joint from and hosted by A-Side family member, Buff1 (hence, his appearance in the photo above), Graffiti tries to tackle the hipster phenomenon that has the internet going nuts. He basically showcases that you cannot front on the music, even if you hate the “look.” At the same time, he asks that the folks involved keep it honest and let folks know that there’s more to it than tight pants and Day-Glo fits. Or else… this mixtape probably wouldn’t exist.

Now the link above only gets you the first part of the mix. There’s a bonus mix that you can only get from DJGraffiti.com, where you can leave a donation to cop the rest. It includes an exclusive Buff1 remix, so don’t sleep. The official mix is tracked out too, so you can skip around easier if you really hate the “hipster” joints.

1. Buff1 – What Does Hipster Mean? (exclusive)
2. Intro
3. Jessica Tonder and Proton – The Bee Rmx
4. Mickey Factz – Light
5. 6th Sense & Wildabeast (Both Nice) – Arcade Fly
6. Sir-Mix-A-Lot – Posses on Broadway
7. Black Moon – How Many MC’s (Cool Kids G-Fix)
8. Eazy E (NWA) – Boyz in the Hood
9. Beastie Boys – Paul Revere
10. Black Milk – Stupid
11. Masta Ace – Born To Roll
12. Rahsaan – Sneaker Store Terrorist
13. Pacific Division – Taste
14. O.C. – Times Up G-Fix
15. Cool Kids – Dreams
16. Cepia – Ithaca
17. J Dilla ft. Ayah – Like This G-Fix (exclusive)
18. Heralds of Change – Work That
19. C.R.A.C. (Ta’Raach & Blu) – Love Don’t
20. The Grouch ft. MURS – The Bay to LA
21. N.E.R.D. ft. Kanye West & Pusha T – Everyone Nose (Remix)
22. Devin The Dude – I-HI
23. Outkast – Spread
24. J*Davey – Mr. Mister
25. DJ Assault – Let Me Bang G-Fix
26. Kid Cudi ft. Pitbull – Day N Nite Rmx
27. Born With It ft. B.o.B – Stack My Paper Up
28. Hollyweerd – Weerdo
29. Kenna – Say Goodbye To Love G-Fix
30. Common ft. Pharrell – Universal Mind Control
31. Cybotron – Clear (Interlude)
32. J Dilla – Trucks
33. August Darnell – Friendly Children (Todd Terje Edit)
34. Mickey Factz – Up High
35. Santogold – L.E.S Artistes
36. Yelle – Les Femmes
37. Ghostface Killah – Cherchez La Ghost (DJ Illo Rmx)
38. Prince – When Doves Cry (A Ghost In Detroit Mix)
39. Cool Breeze – Cre-A-Tine G-Fix
40. John Legend ft. Andre 3000 – Green Light
41. Drake – City Is Mine
42. Now On – Unwind
43. Outro

44. Buff1 – For You (M Phazes Remix)

All I can is… Wow.

I have to admit that I have been cynical about Obama running for president since he first said he was running. I didn’t think that he would really make any strides. Boy, was I wrong!

I am proud of what he achieved. I will admit that the stars were definitely aligned perfectly though. The man couldn’t have been dealt a better hand. The Onion has already joked about it within moments of the announcement that Barack won. But please don’t see this as a poo-poo parade, no. I am definitely happy for Obama and his devout supporters.
I personally love what he represents superficially. I am not sure he can get the results this country needs, but I have this deep-seeded hope that just the sight of him will make the D.C. politicians fix up and provide some positive, but sensible legislation.

I know conservatives are hurling all over the place at the Democrat stronghold now. I cannot say I don’t feel your pain. At the same time, I don’t this majority will mean much. That’s the cynic in me. I think our country is in enough trouble that they’ll be spending the next four years trying to make repairs, instead of initiating Russia, Jr. I would rather see a balance in Congress, but hey… this is a democratic nation that believes it has two choices and they are pretty much and the same come election time.

Again, congratulations to Obama. He is officially one of my heroes. I strive to build a brand as inspiring as his is. I mean, how else would we have this?