Happy Halloween! … if that’s your thing

What’s good, everyone.

I figured I’d supply my readers more good musics from the A-Side Worldwide camp. You should be already up on these, so rock out at your ‘puter!

ROFLcopter image provided by Stephanie – what up doe!

In the spirit of the “holiday,” I give you tracks from Buff1 (Athletic Mic League) and Now On featuring Buff1 and Tenacity (Abolitionists and Tenacity & S.A.).

From Buff1’s Pure album, let’s rock out to “House of Horrors.” If you don’t got this joint, then you’re… no, I won’t drop insults. Just click the link to cop it, then also get yourself an early Xmas gift and buy There’s Only One.

And this gem comes from Now On’s Don’t Call It A Mixtape project, the track is called “Party Like A Politician.” Don’t forget to get their new Tomorrow Already!