SP – Detroit’s Best Producer… that you don’t hear about

I have been trying to find the perfect time to big up my buddy – my white brother from a funky mother, Shawn Philip Holdt aka SP. A new song would be nice to feature, but my homey is a true artist in that he only does new music when he’s inspired to do so. Well, this blog ain’t getting those kind of hits yet, so … let’s show off some of his songs.

I have to say that my man is truly a wunderkind that has yet to be tapped. He contributed over 50% of the beats behind one of my favorite local hip hop albums, Up Pops The SAC by Starving Artists Crew. His recent solo record – Movin’ Along – is the most ambitious hip hop record – in a traditional sense – that this hip hop geek has ever heard. If you want the whole story, peep what I say on the Detroit Luv board.

Now I correspond with SP on a regular basis and he tells me his possible project ideas and such. While I don’t have any doubt that what he’s going to do will be dope, but what I definitely want to happen more than anything is to get more rappers commission Shawn to work on songs with them. He is a nut when it comes to sound. In today’s digital age, Shawn knows the lost art of the warmth in analog. While most folks I knew were copping the latest version of Pro Tools, Shawn was buying up tube soundboards and Mooger Foogers. My dude finally has Pro Tools, so he can adapt to the current system in exchanging music files, but you better believe that happened begrudgingly.

So to not get overly wordy, let’s get to some music, shall we?

I’m going to just supply tracks off his most recent opus – Movin’ Along.
Best song award(s)* go to:

  • Next
  • Street Rappin’ (f/ NewJack Hustle – seen here)

Then there’s the posse, Starving Artists Crew:
That Cat Is High (f/ IQ and Brainstorm)

And here’s the original that was the backbone of this track:
No Dice – That Cat Is High
The keys were replayed by the original musician, Ted Pulker.

Lastly, a bonus cut… well, if you didn’t know, I’m featured on two songs! So here’s one of them:
Night At The Funk Party (f/ Massey Love, Giant Panda, Starving Artists Crew and ME)

* Now I personally think that the intro is most awesome also, but if you like these, then you should buy it just to take it all in.

Okay, that’s it. I’m tired. Feel free to share!

Acquaintance Highlight: Black Milk

I interviewed Black Milk for a start-up online hip hop magazine that may be defunct now, but I’m not sure. I won’t post the link for fear that it is, but the interview I did was solid. Trust me, okay?

Anyway, you may already know him; you may not. He’s the “It” guy from Detroit right now, so I want to give him some shine.

The dudes at 2 Dope Boyz posted a leak of a track off of his upcoming album Tronic, due out in October.

Peep more here.