RCRD LBL Star: Homeboy Sandman – Ivy League Hip Hop

Apologies for the late delivery of this post. We took the time to enjoy the Movement festival, which we will have a few follow-up posts coming later this week. That said, we hope this is right on time.

Homeboy Sandman is an eMCee based out of Queens, NY. He was educated at University of Pennsylvania, which may or may not be the driver of Sandman’s verbosity. Regardless of that, his record The Good Sun (Amazon link) is one of the best hip hop offerings of this year. It drops today on High Water Music. “Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though” is a track off of it, featured on our RCRD LBL.

For more information on Homeboy Sandman, check him out in these places: HomeboySandman.com Interview with LA Times