How to Gain a Fan (An Example)

This is one way on how you are to gain a fan.

The other day was just like any other day. I was on Twitter witnessing a lot of brain dumping and reckless statements. Per my usual, I would humor some of it with a response. On this particular day, I was having a discussion with Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique and rapper Roland “Ro Spit” Coit about something he said, which led me to the following tweet.

No big deal, right? Of course not, I am just talking with my friend about music and the business of it. When out of the Twitter blue comes this:

Now you may look at this and say, “So?” My response to you would be, similar to what my Mother’s Mother would say in such an instance, “Child, bless your heart,” for you know not of a ground-breaking moment this is. If you remember me bitching about rappers, then you know I think they are the greatest spammers on the planet.

One of the biggest problems with spammers is that they don’t LISTEN. If you read this blog, then you know it’s a secret to success. That is why when an artist, who I do not have a personal relationship, actually responds to something I say in reference to them, a feeling of deep appreciation befalls me.

NOTE: I did not directly mention the artist Wes Fif. Honestly, I had no idea he was still working on music, let alone aware he had a Twitter account! Mind you, Wes was not following me originally, so he had to have used another application to alert him to my mention of him. And for that, I salute him!

Of course, I wanted to let him know that I appreciate what he did, but I wanted him to know I am not down with spam. That is when he replied accordingly.

Moments later, Wes Fif’s latest single featuring Verse Simmonds made it into my mailbox and guess what? I actually listened to it, unlike many unsolicited tracks that are sent me to daily. Now this song is not exactly my cup of tea. In fact, I find that it relies too much of the “ATL nuance” in the production of it, but I still support Wes for his ability to see an opportunity and make the best of it.

With that, I give you Wes Fif’s new single “U Do Me” featuring Wes Fif.

[audio:|titles=Wes Fif feat. Verse Simmonds – U Do Me (Dirty)]

Moral of the story – LISTEN. You might find a new opportunity.