Funky Friday: Inner City

In sticking with the theme of the 2010 Movement festival, we want to highlight an oldie-but-goodie. Inner City is playing live on Sunday on the Vitamin Water Main Stage and I cannot get their biggest hits out of my head. Good Life (Amazon Affiliate link) is their biggest hit. It exemplifies the late 80s/early 90s for inner-city Detroiters. Big Fun (affiliate link) is their other highly-recognizable jam. Manned by one of Detroit Techno’s originators Kevin Saunderson, Inner City will always be a link in Detroit’s rich musical heritage.

The links posted are there in case you get the bug that I have and you want to add the tracks to your collection. Dig deeper, there is more goodness where those came from. Otherwise, enjoy the video and get ready for the long weekend!

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