4 Basic Steps to Optimizing Fan Conversion.

Last week, the ABC of Music Marketing was introduced. Today, let’s delve deeper into fan conversion and the steps it will take to build a truly viable music business.

Before going into the steps, I want to make sure I have your attention. In our mantra of “Always Be Converting,” “converting” is obviously the key term, so say it with me, “CONVERT.” Very good. Now let’s continue with our program.

To be clear, this is the basic thought process you should have to optimizing your fan conversion points. At larger companies, the process is a bit more complicated, but in the end, most follow the same concept. If you set up a business, then you need to make sales. In order to sell, you need a storefront. In order to get people through the door, whether physical or virtual, you have to announce yourself or communicate with potential customers.

The only way you can make a living is by making money, which has to be your key endpoint for your fan conversion funnel.

When you get really sophisticated, you can begin to customize your customer or fan experience based on their preferences. These four steps will show you how you get to that level of sophistication.

Step 1 – Set Up Your Conversion Points / Funnel

You started a music business with one very specific mission – to earn a living by doing what you love. The only way you can make a living is by making money, which has to be your key endpoint for your fan conversion funnel. Everything you do should be revolving around the selling of your products or services.

This diagram showcases the average process a person goes through in making a decision to buy something. It is not unique to any particular business. Even with music, it takes awareness for any purchase to happen. It has to be liked. Music sales do not happen by osmosis.

Therefore you have to set up additional points for the conversion funnel. Here are the necessities for a music business:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Events

Now each conversion point has its own nuances that can make or break a decision to buy. If your website is not set up to help a visitor to find what they are seeking, then it is less likely to convert on anything. Complicated site design is one of the biggest reason for ineffective websites. In the future, we will visit all these elements with closer detail.

You most likely have all these elements in place, but you probably do not have them arranged in a way to help your business grow. For instance, many bands rarely encourage people to visit their website. They just want them to see them play, but that limits your ability to convert a fan. You should always invite people to see you wherever it is convenient for them. The Internet is the most convenient place for most people, so you should pay close attention to your website’s user experience. More on that later though.

Step 2 – Announce You Are Open for Business

If you have all the necessary conversion points in place, then you can invite people through various mediums to come pay you a visit. You can send a Facebook update, an email to your list and/or announce it at an open mic.

Now being open for business is not Internet-specific. Your most important conversion point should definitely be in place at your events and even the stores you get to carry your goods. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is just said to be clear – it is not all about the Internet.

Step 3 – Observe Your Traffic’s Interactions

From watching someone peruse your merch table to reviewing your Google Analytics, observation or LISTENING is key to optimizing your conversion points.

If you are not tracking how many people click the links you share on Twitter, you are leaving money on the table.

If you are not reviewing your Facebook Insights for your music business page, then you are leaving money on the table.

If you do not have any idea how or why people come to your website and never buy anything, then obviously there is a problem. Fix it.

Once you have observed, you can then ask questions. You have to know what questions to ask first. Simply asking, “hey, why didn’t you buy my stuff?” is not appropriate without context. Body language can tell you quite a bit. Of course, people know you want them to buy your stuff. By observing, you can get a sense of what they are seeking and positioning your goods accordingly.

If someone can to your site due to a blog post you wrote about your favorite drummer, you should probably post a widget of a song that was influenced by that drummer. If the person likes it, then they might want to download it. Let’s take it one step further. Make that song available in exchange for their email. Then when they opt-in to your list, ask how they liked the song. That’s conversion.

Step 4 – Adjust Conversion Points / Funnel Based on Traffic’s Behavior

This is simple. If you listen, you will learn. Take what you learn and make it actionable.

If your fans only carry plastic at shows, get Square. Then add a sign that says you can make secured credit / debit card transactions.

If you find that fans of your genre of music share interesting things over social networks, then do your homework and supply your own. Speak their language, if you don’t already.

These are just a few ideas. Again, this will be addressed in greater detail in the near and dear.

Here is my Opportunity to Convert You

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